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I'm so happy you're here! If you're new around here, you'll learn quick that non-profits are near and dear to my heart. I hold Maddie's Footprints the very top of my favorites list. As a mom who has suffered a miscarriage, I sadly know the pain all too well. And the mission of Maddie’s Footprints is to provide support to families coping with miscarriages, stillbirths or the loss of an infant. So needless to say, I'm a sucker for them and their mission. Not only do they help so many families around the Acadiana area, but they also know how to throw some FUN FREAKIN EVENTS! And I have had the honor of photographing these events for the last few years.

Fighting Spirits event is held at Madison Banquet & Reception Centre in Broussard, LA. It's a competition style event, the bartenders are battling for Crowd Favorite, Judge's Choice & Maddie's Hero. There are three rounds, each with a different alcohol and secret ingredient. This year's Liquor donors are JT Meleck, Derrumbes Mezcal, Jameson Irish Whiskey and Avion Tequila. Secret ingredients sponsors are Slap Ya Mama, Cajun Acres, Carmichaels Honey, and C's Bees Honey.

Each round the bartenders make a round of drinks on the stage for the local Celebrity Judges to judge. This year's judges are Spencer Verret with Vestal, Lafayette, Jim Keaty with Keaty Real Estate, DJ Digital with Hot 107.9.

After the judges have tasted their drinks and made their comments that round of drinks is open to the crowd for tasting.

This year's bartenders are:

If you'd like more information on donating, joining in on the fun or know someone needing assistance from Maddie's Footprints you can find all that info and more on their website:

Maddie's Footprints (


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