Hey there, I am Amber Broussard

I'm the girl behind Deux Amis Photography. I'm a wife and mom of four. I'm based out of Vermilion Parish, but I love getting to travel all around the Acadiana area for my sessions. I believe every person deserves to have a photo experience that showcases their authentic self at that moment in life. It's my promise to do this by creating images that tell your story and to provide images for you to show off for many years to come. To ensure we have a successful session, I’ve created this detailed page to get you 100% ready. Please read through my FAQ before booking your portraits. On this page you will also find location suggestions, ideas for what to wear, and how to best prepare yourself to look + feel your best!

Fall Mini Sessions


20 mins with 10 digital images


How long do the sessions typically take?

This will depend on the type of session you book. Typically a regular session runs about 45 mins, mini sessions run about 20 mins and newborns can run up to 3hrs.

What to wear?

I always recommend wearing solid or light patterned cloths. Something in a neutral color (tans, light greens, picks and blues to name a few) as those work best with my editing style. Wear something that is flattering on your body type and fits well when sitting as we will be moving around quite a bit. Most important wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in! I want you to love these images and show them off to the world!

How & when will I receive the files?

I will usually get your images to you in about 2-3 weeks depending on the type of session. You will receive all of the files via a gallery link on my website. You then can order prints, save downloads, forward to your friends & family, and post online! Galleries do expire after a few weeks, so be sure to download and or print your images asap! Make sure once you download your images to save & backup them up.

Why do I have to pay a nonrefundable deposit? When do I pay the remainder? Can I pay all upfront?

The purpose of the nonrefundable deposit is to lock in your date & time. If you have to cancel last minute, I most likely would have been able to book someone else during that period. I do not write anything down in my calendar until the deposit has been paid, making your desired time slot up for grabs. Nothing is booked until the deposit has been paid. The remainder of your session is due 7 days before your session. No images will be delivered until the final payment is made. If your interested in some sort of payment plan please mention that when booking.

What happens if it rains or someone is sick?

We live in Louisiana weather is just a part of the game. If the weather is crazy/act of god/I am sick/someone in the family is quarantined etc, we will put your deposit toward a re-schedule. However, if you simply don’t show up to the session, the deposit will not be refunded. If you have booked a newborn, family, or senior session and need to reschedule your session, your deposit can be put toward a re-schedule as long as I am notified within 24hours of your session. I get it— life happens. However, if you need to cancel and do not want to re-schedule, your deposit is not refunded. Sorry!

Can I bring a friend to be my hype-person?

Of course the answer is YES we can always us the help with cloths, props and such. Whoever can cheer you on + whatever will make you feel more comfortable, go for it! However, I suggest only bringing along one person as to many extras will cause the session to slow down.

How long do you store our images?

I clean out my client files every 60 days and cannot guarantee that I will backup the images for you, so be sure to download the images and create your own backups. I do not store the raw files for longer than this.

Do I get to select the images? Can I have the unedited versions or raw files?

No. Part of my job is making the image selects and choosing the most flattering photographs. The images I do not deliver are either repeats, blurry, or out of focus, shots of you blinking or mid-sentence speaking. I have no reason to withhold any images if there are additional ones I think you would enjoy! I am on your side. The simple answer to getting raw images is NO for the same reason I don't give the option of you selecting images I get rid of those when choosing my favorites

Will you re-touch (photoshop) how I look? What if we are not happy with the final images?

No, I do not retouch or alter my client’s appearance. If this is something you want, there is an easy solution and that would be to outsource my final images to an editor of my choice at an extra cost.
I have never had a client tell me they were unhappy with my services. Really. This is because I have clear communication + expectations set beforehand. If you have read my FAQ thoroughly and done all you can to prepare yourself for your photoshoot, including picking a location you love, an outfit you feel confident in, then this is the best way to ensure you will be happy with the final result. If I have delivered what I promised to you, photography services of your package of choice, and you are not happy with the final outcome there is nothing I can do outside of performing my professional photography services.

What if we don’t want the images used on your social media, website, or anywhere online?

Please make it clear to me in your initial contact email if this is the case and let me know the reason. The sole way I market my photography services (and how you found me!) is the internet and I rely on sharing my photography to bring in customers. Therefore, I do have a fee if this is something you want to be waived. please inquire.

Can we pick what images go on your website?

No. Any of the files I deliver to you could be shared online unless otherwise mentioned while booking

Do you offer prints?

Yes of course! You'll have the option to print images once your gallery is up. Please inquire about a price list in your initial email.


The Dirt Road

Client Home

Open Field

Large Green house

Dr. Reaux's Property

Wooded Area

The Mill

Downtown Lafayette

Downtown New Iberia

Acadian Village

Mini Greenhouse

Types of Sessions

The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don't have to explain things with words

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