I'm so happy you're here! Over the past couple of years, I've been participating in Gifting Grace Project's events and ya'll they just keep growing. This year I just popped in to snap a few images of all the fun! But really if you have a smiley face and a big ole heart you should consider volunteering for such an amazing cause. They truly are doin' some amazing things for children and families near the Lafayette and surrounding areas! Gifting Grace Project is a Lafayette, Louisiana based organization whose mission is to empower homeless children by providing them with essential resources, support services and community advocacy to remove unnecessary barriers they face and help them discover a brighter future. 

This year over 50 volunteers gathered at Mendoza Ford of Maurice to PACK THE BACKPACK 2023 during their time there the volunteers handled packing one backpack at a time as they walked around the tables set up with supplies that were donated and collected all over the Acadiana area.

As the holder of the backpack walked the tables and added each item to the backpack, they were able to think and pray for each child they were helping this school year. Once they were done, they handed them over to the packing station. At this station the volunteers would zip up the backpack and packed them into the boxes to be delivered to each individual School Board Office in Vermilion Parish, Lafayette Parish, St Martin Parish, St Landry Parish & Iberia Parish so they can distribute to the child in need.

The final totals this year were 1051 Backpacks & 130 School Supply Kits! WOW JUST WOW! That's over double from last year!

So many kids and families all over Acadiana are not having to worry about starting the school year without! Seriously how amazing is that! They truly know how to come together for all the children around us that usually would have to do without!

If you would like more information on Gifting Grace Project and helping by either donating or volunteering for their upcoming projects

visit their website www.giftinggraceproject.com and make sure to follow them on Facebook www.facebook.com/giftgracela

Be sure to mark down their upcoming events so you can help out too!

"Gifting Grace Christmas Project" ~ November 1st - December 5th

"Coats and Socks Drive" ~ January 10th - February 14th

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