I'm so happy you're here! As a mom of 4 I know how stressful family photo sessions can be. But I also know how important it is to get them done. Kids don't stay little long and really sometimes it feels like you blink, and they're at the next stage in their life. In this blog post I'll share ways to help prep your littles for their upcoming session.

A first step in prepping your kiddos for a family photoshoot is to talk with them on what they can expect, and I don't mean talking to them the day of I mean the moment you book your photo session start chatting with them about how much fun it'll be. Ask them to practice their best smile, their serious face, y'all can even practice fun little poses. It may seem like an over kill but talking with your kiddos will help them not be scared of the camera and/or the photographer if they are a new person to them. The more they hear about someone taking their picture, the easier it's going to be.

Bribing is not a bad thing! I bribe my kids ALL THE TIME! Seriously, there is nothing wrong with a sweet treat after a photo session or even a gummy or two during the photoshoot itself. It doesn't have to be anything big but encouraging them on the drive to the photoshoot to cooperate will not hurt anybody. Plus, this will just add to the fun of the day! I've learned that talking to my littles and asking them to pick what treat they want they tend to be even more excited when the time has come.

When the time comes, it can be easy to get frustrated that they aren't doing what you think they need to do. But really, I HAVE SEEN IT ALL! I promise, I'll make it work no matter what. I will try one thing, if that doesn't work, I'll try another, and another till I find what works for that child. Really, fussing at your children tend to make things harder on me and puts them in a sad mood which is hard to turn around from. While I get the point of trying to correct your kids it just starts to create a negative association with images. Most of the time I don't even need the parents help to encourage the kids once they are there. I make things super fun and we'll move fast to keep them from getting to upset. REMEMBER, I'm a mom no upset or kid's tantrum will scare me.

Last tip is one for mama, plan accordingly, plan ahead, and coordinate with your photographer. If you know your littles won't last for a full hour session, let me know. My sessions are relaxed time so if we see that we enough after 20mins well then, we call it no harm no foul. Sometimes you can work with the photographer in regard to time. Sometimes we can work around nap times or bedtime so no tired kiddos just waking up as your driving up to your location. It's completely normal for a kid to get over photos quick. It's ok to walk away for a sec if someone is upset. Pull them aside love on them encourage them. I'm more than willing to play music, talk about their favorite things, jump up and down and all the extra stuff, I'll do whatever it takes to help make your session a memorable one.

Kids will be kids, and that's what it's all about. It's about capturing the love and moments between your family at this point in your life. My favorite part of my job is getting to play with all your littles and of course the bigs too. The reality is they will do what they want I'm just there to capture all their emotions in every image. I'll never expect any kid to be on their best behavior the entire session. Relax, have fun and trust that your photographer will capture all the beautiful moments, no matter how unpredictable your littles may be. Ready to get updated images of your family? Let's Chat

I'm the goofy girl behind the camera doing everything she possibly can to get your kids to smile. I'm a wife and mom of four beautiful children. I say y’all and bruh ALOT, sometimes too much, but ya know! I love coffee, cooking, and a good adult beverage. I love traveling, whether it be with my friends (helllooo girls trip), a family vacay, or a romantic getaway with the hubs.