Sweet, sleepy photographs from baby Alysse | Lafayette, LA

Alysse rocked her sleepy moments, making all of us envy her snooze skills. But let's talk about those wrapped poses – she transformed into a bona fide newborn burrito! Who knew wrapping a baby in what looks like a swaddle origami could be so adorable? Didn't bother her one bit that I switched out her wrap 3 times and put her in different styles of buckets and bowls. Her dadas ideas – they always bring the unexpected fun. Alysse's dad strutted in with some deer horns, like he was about to teach us a lesson in "Dad's Guide to Quirky Props 101." But you know what? Those antlers were the perfect addition to the set. Who needs regular adorable tiny baby props when you can have a newborn posing with deer horns? It's a future conversation starter for sure. Alysse's secret talent? Sleeping like a rock amidst all the camera snaps and prop swaps. It's like she knew this was her time to shine, even if she was doing it with her eyes closed. Someone give this baby an award for "Best Performance in a Newborn Photo Shoot While Snoozing." seriously the only time she woke was when I unwrapped her and tried to pose her on the bed I had brought along.

Alysse wasn't the only star; her puppy sisters decided to join the paparazzi party. It was a mix of curious sniffs, tail wags, and a hilarious game of "who can I kiss the most." Those candid shots of Alysse's puppy posse are pure gold.

Just when you thought the chaos was contained indoors, the family had a lightbulb moment – why not take the show outside? Not like it's not 100 degrees outside in Lafayette! So, they migrated to their yard, chasing the elusive golden hour lighting. Luckly to find a nice cool breeze just enough to keep things comfortable for all of us while Alysse, bathed in the warm glow of the golden hour. She looked like a tiny sunbeam herself. It was a moment when time stood still, and for once, even chaos couldn't keep up with the sheer adorableness of it all.

Alysse's in-home newborn baby photo session wasn't just about pictures; it was about embracing the wonderful chaos that a new baby brings into a home. From burrito wraps to deer horn props and puppy cameos, every frame captured a unique story. It's a reminder that life isn't about perfectly posed moments; it's about the giggles, the mess, and the unfiltered love that come along for the ride.