1. THE VALUE OF A PHOTOGRAPH INCREASES WITH TIME yes, photography can be a huge investment at the time, but how do you feel when you look at old photographs of your family members? Chances are you'll hold on to that photo to keep it safe as the value of that image is priceless right?
  2. SOME MOMENTS ONLY HAPPEN ONCE There are certain moments that only happen once and it's important that we celebrate them by capturing that milestone.
  3. KIDS GROW UP you see it often on post on social media "how did they get so big" "why are they so grown up" because kids grow up fast. Pictures are the only way to capture that snippet of time
  4. KEEPING MEMORIES ALIVE People age and memories fade, life moves on, but photos capture the love and personality of a person
  5. QUALITY TIME life is busy, time is fast, sometimes it's hard to take a moment to pause and just enjoy being together. Photography sessions give you the chance to be together, laugh, hug and just simply enjoy being with each other in the moment.
  6. THEY ARE PERSONAL no family or person is alike just as no two images will be the same. They are all unique to you and your family in every way. The simple moments shared as a family truly are the most meaningful.